Clean Cooking

Smoke is a major and silent killer in the developing world.

More people die from it than from HIV or malaria! 2 Mill. every year!

It damages the lungs, but also gets ingested and poisons the whole body. Pregnant women can have premature births and often the newbons have a low birth weight, which makes them more vulnerable. We believe in prevention! Medical work is not only about treating sick people, even better than they don’t get sick in the first place.

We started to build 2 hay boxes (together with the children) and use a biomass gassifier cooker in the Clinic office.

A biomass gassifier cooker saves 75% of wood! It becomes even more efficient, if you combine it with a hay box (heat retention or fireless cooker). Instead of keeping the pot on the heat source and let constantly the energy escape, you isolate the pot. The heat stays in and the food slow cooks. You only need to keep it on your cooker until it has boiled up and then you transfer it into the hay box.  Rice needs 30 minutes! You can leave it longer and it will still be very hot even after hours. It doesn’t overcook and everything tastes delicious. The food is so hot, that bacteria can’t grow in it! It keeps you and your kitchen cool and saves you money and work! Please try it! The Western electric and propane stoves are not very energy efficient either! You can just take a few blankets or pillows, newspapers, no need to build anything for trying it. The isolation should be 4 inches and the pot has to be full, that you don’t loose heat into an air pocket on top of the food. A great project with children as well!

We are spreading the word and show individuals, projects and organizations our videos and show the box and cook in it. So far are interested: Good Morning school, Famous Rays and many more individuals working with CBOs. We hope that it snow balls, as it allows to save money and work!

My PDFs at

Natural Ointments & Soaps

How to build a Hay Box

How to build a Tiny Gassifier

Tiny House from bamboo & Mud


Our PDFs at Scribd:

How to build a hay box

Clean Cooking

Tiny Gassifier

Haybox Cooking Times

Nutrition, Ointments & Soaps

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Our videos:

Efficient cooking, that makes the life of women easier.

Save wood and protect the environment. Please share this video!

Our Youtube Channel  Center for Children in Need:

Fireless Cookbook from 1913 PDF, 250 recipes

Thai Youtube video how to build gassifier from oil and paint can 

We promote Kangaroo Mother Care and Clean Cooking and will teach locals and healthcare professionals based in the area.We are preparing and fundraising now for the big move. We want to build a small mud house, as it offers better protection against mosquitoes and malaria and Dengue. It will be very small, but cozy and comfortable. See more at Tiny House.

We are preparing to move 100 km North to work with local clinics and give trainings.


Kangarooing Elisabeth, born with 1800 g


child at dump






Bente with 1600 g

All earth bag buildings survived the quakes! Way to go.

Our own medical hand-outs:


Kangaroo Mother Care


Breastfeeding with proper Latch

Free Downloads of medical PDFs as “Where there is no doctor” at Hesperian.Org

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