The Center for Children in Need was founded in 2003. We have 9 children living with us. We are motivated by our Christian faith, but we work with children of any religion and respect their beliefs. As our focus has moved to medical work, we cannot accept new children or provide foster care. 


Kids with special needs
Several of our kids have special needs and learning disabilities. Some have neurological or behavior problems, others suffer from rare metabolic diseases and need to be on a strict diet.

our aims are
protection of children and women from violence and abuse incl. trafficking
to give orphans and abandoned children a safe and loving home
education, especially of disadvantaged children
to provide a safe and healing environment for traumatized children

we provide

health care

The Center relies on private donations. The income we can create ourselves is not sufficient for the day-to-day running of the orphanage as well as providing proper nutrition, clothing, school and medical care.

Please help and support us by donations and by sponsoring a child. We are a non-profit community based project (CBO) and it is very hard to find the funds for all the children that are in our care. We are struggling from month to month and really need your help.



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