11226_10200210703189979_1541634800_n    It will not be possible to volunteer with us for the next months.  Please check our  Volunteering Blog.  for updates. We will try to connect volunteers with other projects in town.

The volunteers will live in a village with our Karen family. The house is basic (only cold water), the food (Burmese) is delicious and nutritious. Some people go through a kind of culture shock phase in the first days, depending on your travel experience. Please stay on and pull it through, it will get better and you will have a great experience. Most people just enjoy and love staying with us. Not all, naturally. In case you don’t like it, please be so kind and pay at least a part of the “fee”.  We really need this income for food, schooling and paying all the bills.

Here are some reviews:

I just wanted to thank you on welcoming Vicki and myself into your home with your family. Even though it has only been 8 days. It has been incredible to be a part of it and everyday has been one we won’t forget! The world you have created for your children is beautiful and they are definitely a lucky bunch. We’ll be sharing your project to others on our travels and also when we return home, to continue your networking and to inform people of what you are all about.  Our next Thailand visit will be sure to have a destination of Mae Sot, to the ‘Sabine family’ .We look forward to seeing updates on how everyone is doing on Facebook and we will also upload some pictures and videos we have taken!      Hayley and Vicki


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