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 We don’t have any financial support from volunteering any more! Please donate for these children. We need your support. We cut down all possible costs like rent, electricity & water bills going to build a Tiny off-grid House. We will cook with wood on a gassifier and live very very basic. We will need 350 $ US a month for 5 children and one adult. Please give us the equivalent of a few beer you drink every month or the make-up you use and enable us to raise these kids and support medical work in a rural jungle area.



The Center is moving 100 km up to the North.

Felix (6), Sophie (7), Nicolas (9) and Charlotte (11) have moved to a Vocational School and board there. The school teaches in Karen and English, but they will also study Burmese and Thai. In the afternoons the children play, help in the garden, go to the jungle or have music lessons (guitar, choir, piano, violin). No more sitting quiet the whole day, as in the Thai school! This was the biggest attraction when I spoke with them about the new school.  From 13 years on they will have vocational trainings as weaving and sewing, computer and many more. This setting is ideal for Sophie, Nicolas and Charlotte. Even Bente and Elisabeth are very interested in the vocational trainings. From 16 years on, they can all continue in vocational colleges Mae Sot. After that they can intensify their studies or start to earn their first money.

Elisabeth, Bente, Dominic, Sebastian and Timothy (Chocolate) will live with Sabine and be home schooled to catch up to an International school standard. They will learn in English, German and French. There will be  alot of informal learning going on as well. Later they can join the vocational school for 1-2 years and move on to colleges from there. Bente and Elisabeth  are interested in the Hospitality Training Center and Dominic and sebastian in the Technical College STTC.

The Center was founded 2003 and is the home of 9 children. Several of them have special needs of varying degrees. Some have learning disabilities, some ADHD, others neurological or metabolic disabilities.

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board together in Vocational School





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