May 2015:

Preparations are running on full speed to move in June 100 km up North. Please help us with a donation!

Screenshot_204                     Screenshot_205

This is needed for May/June 2015 for the move to the new location!

940 B =  31 $ US                     1500 B = 50 $ US

We will also need to buy a tent and some more equipment for a temporary housing.

The Clean Cooking is getting quite a bit of interest within Mae Sot organizations and I get positive feed back for my videos and hand-outs that I produced the last months. I bought one and built two gassifiers plus 2 hay boxes.

February 2015:

Wonder Box and Biomass gassifier cookstove

Build and buy and implement at the home with help of volunteers

Health and Nutrition classes at Good Morning School

Learning French and German in the holidays (only older kids)


Autumn Break Oct 2014:

Skateboarding & English

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We are in the moment founding a charity! A proper US registered charity with a bank account and the possibility to donate per Paypal. before I can really go into medical work the Center needs to be securely funded, that it can function without me present all the time.

I am going to give a soap making workshop for the borderline staff and teachers and older children at light school. (Oct-Nov)


Handmade herbal soap with beeswax wrap

I wrote a Basic Soap Making booklet, which is in the process of being approved by


click to download


I published my Cookbooks on Gutenberg. They are now properly published ebooks (PDF) and can easily be assessed and downloaded everywhere.Please download and share! We are very thankful for a small donation!

Family Cookbook

Volunteer Cookbook    Volunteercookbook-page001


Sabine has a training as a dancer and choreographer created with her students a Hiphop performance at the Santa Wah Mai Tri school. There are plans for a Contact Improvisation Workshop at the Good Morning School.

3rd Grade students

3rd Grade students



Last year the kids practiced with their uncle Christmas Songs and we went Carol Singing.


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