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Children in Need was officially registered in the USA as a Non-Government, Non-Profit Organization, based in Las Vegas, Nevada, on October 24th, 2014.


1290 Horizon Ridge Pkwy, Apt 1311,

Henderson, NV, 89012-5522.

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This is needed for May/June 2015 for the move to the new location!

940 B =  31 $ US    (4 children)                 1500 B = 50 $ US (5 children)

We are working with extremely poor migrant and refugee children and families at the Thai Burma border. Please support our work with donations. We only work with volunteers and don’t loose money on administration. We are very effective.

We need only 4 US$ per child per day! This incl. housing, care, food, school and health!

We have 3 major needs in the moment:

1. small monthly donations from 5-50 $ or € to sponsor the children

2. Start-up financing for the new medical project Clinic

US and International via Paypal

Donate Button with Credit Cards

Send or bring:

We are often asked what to bring or people want to send us things by post. The post is not very reliable and many parcels have totally disappeared. UPS etc asks very high fee, from you when you send it and from us when we receive plus there was always trouble with the customs (about candies and protein bars!).

It does not make much sense to bring clothes that were produced in Asia, sold in your country for a lot of money and then shipped here for a lot of money. Think of the environmental impact! If you want to give us a present of clothes, send us a donation specified for clothes and I will buy it here together with the children, so they can choose what they like. I will take photos and report back to you.




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