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We can’t personally go to help there, but there is a small clinic directly at the epicenter:

My friend Nepali Prem Lama lives near Nagarcot and is safe but his medical center has been demolished. Anyone wanting to aid earthquake victims can send $ directly to him. No middle man , no administrartion costs … just money in the hands of the person doing his best to help. His small rural center is the best hope the people of his area have. Will find out the best way to get aid to him directly when he goes on line next.
PLEASE POST THIS TO YOUR FRIENDS.  If you want to donate contact please Ron Zakreski on facebook. In case you don’t use facebook, email me.





At the Center for Children in Need live 9 children. Several of them have special needs. They all go to public schools. We also provide emergency foster care.

go here for some pictures what it looks like




The Center is starting its own small Clinic. We promote Kangaroo Mother Care and take care of children and families.  See more


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